Welcome to a New School Year

The first through fifth graders checked books out for the first time this week.  Kindergarten will start taking their books home the first week of September.  Here are just a few book care reminders.

  1. Read and enjoy the books you check out. Don’t just leave them in your desk or bookbag until time to return them.
  2. Keep them in a safe place where babies and pets can’t reach them and you’ll know where to find them.
  3. Always read with clean hands.
  4. Keep books away from water. (They really don’t like to swim.)
  5. Turn pages carefully.
  6. Never write or draw in your book.

We need everyone to return their books on time so that other students  can read and enjoy them too.  We had quite a few books that weren’t returned from last year, so if you find them hiding under your bed, please bring them back to school.

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