5th Grade Library News

We are excited to offer two learning opportunities to our 5th grade students.  We are starting an after school robotics club.  We will be using Wonderworks Dot and Dash robots to practice our programming skills. Then starting in October we will start completing competition challenges.  This is a new adventure for our school and we are looking forward to seeing what our team can do.

Tiger News Reporter job applications went home this week and are due back to school by Wednesday, August 31st. Tiger News is a weekly news show that is written by and stars our amazing fifth graders.  Students will work on the shows Monday afternoons and the final presentation is posted to the internet so all Woodsdale classrooms and friends and family can enjoy the hard work.

Welcome to a New School Year

The first through fifth graders checked books out for the first time this week.  Kindergarten will start taking their books home the first week of September.  Here are just a few book care reminders.

  1. Read and enjoy the books you check out. Don’t just leave them in your desk or bookbag until time to return them.
  2. Keep them in a safe place where babies and pets can’t reach them and you’ll know where to find them.
  3. Always read with clean hands.
  4. Keep books away from water. (They really don’t like to swim.)
  5. Turn pages carefully.
  6. Never write or draw in your book.

We need everyone to return their books on time so that other students  can read and enjoy them too.  We had quite a few books that weren’t returned from last year, so if you find them hiding under your bed, please bring them back to school.

Where are you reading?

canstockphoto13579883It is important to keep reading this summer.  It will help your brain stay sharp and then you’ll be ready for all of the challenges of the new school year.  Plus it is a fun way to spend those hot summer days.  We would like to know where and what you are reading.  
To participate :
1. Find a fun, exciting or comfortable place to read and have someone take a picture of you and your book.

2. Send your picture to swiseman@k12.wv.us along with your name, the title of your book and the name of the place that you are reading.

3.  I’ll post your picture on the Summer Reading Page of the library website!

Sphero Robots turn into Artbots

This year Woodsdale Elementary received a STEAM Power WV grant to purchase Sphero robots and iPads to control them.  Our fifth graders had a wonderful time learning to write computer code to control the motion of these ball shaped robots.  The library is pretty lively place with 12 remote control balls zipping around.  After they had them a little more under control, the kids used the robots to create painting.  They rolled the robots in paint and then ran the program they had created to make an original piece of art.  Thank you to everyone who helped and made this project possible. Below you can see some of the artwork we created.

paint 1 painting picture 2 picture 3 picture 4 picture 5 DSC_0089


Tiger News

Applications to become this year’s reporters went home with interested 5th graders last week.  The last day to turn in the signed forms is Friday, Sept. 11th.  Our new reporters will be announced on Monday,  September 14.  The first show will be taped on Sept. 28th.  I look forward to working with the new team.  I’m sure they will have lots of great ideas for new features.


The purpose of this blog is to share some of the exciting activities that are happening at Woodsdale Elementary’s school library.  We are making some exciting changes.  First we have a brand new website to share information and to showcase some of our classroom projects.  Keep checking the site for new additions.

Along with our traditional activities, student will also be learning computer coding, typing and participating in literature related STEAM activities.